benarnonToday I had the honor of speaking with Ben Arnon who recently left his cushy corporate job at Google (and before that a large Startup, Yahoo, Universal Pictures etc)  to pursue a full time career in creative expression, mainly blogging (for the Huffington Post) and Photography. Ben has traveled in Rio recently not just photographing the athletes but also venturing out to the city and beaches to capture life. We also talked about purpose, worries, the startup world, his passions and how he met Arianna Huffington.

Ben’s work is currently on display in 8 exhibits, the largest being Chelsea Market in NYC. You can see his work on his Website and over at HuffPo.

benkimBen has been on the show before, we talked about travel and pursuing the life in the moment. A few months and a few trips later we are talking again. Ben just returned from Pyongyang / North Korea where he participated in a Marathon race. We talked about getting in, getting around, the experience during the race and impressions he collected during the trip. Headphone on!

Ben’s Blog Post here;    More info about the Marathon here

Also here some beautiful photo essays by Jay Tindall on North Korea

bethMeet Beth, who just sold me a used Toyota Sienna (the second so far) and learn about her experience with being gay in the 80s, legally getting married after 25 years, adopt a child and be a successful and respected person who is now starting a political career. In the usual form, we’ve been talking without a script or manual and topic jump a little here and there. Enjoy listening to Beth’s story!

Beth’s Website:

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Danny Ellis has been my guest in Episode 17! Danny is the CEO and founder of SkySpecs which is a company focussed on developing autonomous drones for industrial applications. We spoke about his experience as a CEO running a company, building a product he’s passionate about, the value of slumps and rejection and a bunch of more things. Enjoy!


Also, I’ve been playing around a little with video recording/ editing and you can see Danny in action for a few seconds around 3:30:


12019986_10153203713506243_2915698621424377721_nKyle Bihlmeyer has been my guest on the show today.

He is not just an avid gamer and gaming world enthusiast, Kyle is also trying to build an empire on YouTube, running his own channel, trying to create a follower base and ultimately leaving his day job to be a content creator. Listen in to find out how close he is!

Jason_ColemanJason Coleman was guest on the show today, talking with me about a whole bunch of topics. He explained what makes a successful salesperson leave a cushy job at Google and going back to university.

We also chatted about his experience living in Japan, spending a whole bunch of time in Finland, the benefits of LED lighting, how to kill a sheep and why you too should have a clay pizza oven in your backyard. Enjoy!

jakeWe’re back with another snapshot of a person, this time with Jake, who’s a natural entertainer. Jake is a crazy bundle of energy who is usually hard to contain, listen in how that works out after 5 cups of ice-coffee. We also spoke about how you can get a free cruise in the Caribbean and why you should always leave your Mickey-Mouse-Hat on while pooping. Enjoy!

chrisThis topic has been interesting to me for a couple of years – Tiny Houses. Today I had the chance to speak with Christopher Cerk about his tiny house project which saves him a whole bunch of rent while going to the University of Michigan. We’ve been talking about what sparked the idea, the planning phase, execution and finally moving in, 250 miles from home. Has he ever regretted his decision? Tune in and find out!




Quick Walkthrough:

Scott IMG_20150908_191803 has been my guest today. Originally I was going to interview him about his love for visual arts and experiences but quickly it turned out that Scott has the interesting condition of Grapheme Color Synesthesia in which he associates colors with letters, words and sounds. Scotts view on the world is so vastly different that he’s had some interesting experiences. We also spoke about bottled water, tips from a psychologist, creative outlets and some more. Tune in and find out everything about it!

Links – WIKI Grapheme Color Synesthesia;

peggyWow, it’s been 3 weeks since the last upload.. There has been some travel for work as well as much needed family time but now we’re back with more Episodes coming soon!

Today I had the chance to speak with Peggy Kalis about a whole bunch of things, but mainly about her journey through life, growing up on a farm, getting married young and going through phases of setbacks that made her stronger even though it was not always easy. Peggy is also an Uber Driver and truly enjoys connecting with people. I hope you’ll enjoy Episode 11 of the 3Q Podcast!


seanEpisode 10 is Live!! I’ve had the honor to speak with Sean Devlin about his career at Disney and Google. We also chatted about the early days when he was just a mail boy and how his career has been progressing since. Wondering why Sean would swear at a referee during a live sports broadcast? Tune in and find out!

Aaaaand, we have an intro Jingle!! Thanks to Dylan for lending your voice!

Links: ISS/ Moon Transit

Astronaut Scott Kelly Retweeting Dylan’s Picture from the International Space Station!

Disney Studios

jhallIt’s been a couple of days without any uploads, for a good reason – too much work, some much required family time with my wife and kiddos as well as some planning and organising. 2 Days from now we’ll hit 1 month existence of 3Q – How amazing!

Today’s show is with no other than Jason Hall, co founder and super nerd of Slow Roll Detroit. We spoke about how it feels like to have thousands of friends, why Sir Richard Branson got him out of breath, how Apple does cool stuff and many more things.

Take a look at support the cause and maybe join one day by yourself.

Apple Ad

Sir Rich

Shinola Bicycles 

benglattWelcome back to EP8 of the 3Q Podcast, today with an early fan of the show, Ben Glatt. Ben is very excited about traveling, being happy and knows that sometimes you just have to be naked. Tune in to find out why!

The three questions I asked were:

1. Would you take a one way ticket to planet Mars and what would you bring?

2. What’s the most embarrassing moment you remember?

3. What are you passionate about and want the whole world to be passionate about?

paulWowza, we’ve broken a new Episode Record at just below the 2h Mark!

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Australian Full time Nerd and Trivia Mastermind, Paul Younis about a whole bunch of topics. Why did Paul get kicked out of school? How did he get into sale? Drinking beer before noon? Life on Planet Kepler425b? What is Paul’s biggest fear? Tune in and find out!

The three questions I asked were:

1. Would you take a one way ticket to Mars and what would you bring?

2. What’s the most embarrassing moment in your life (so far)?

3. What are you super excited about and would like the rest of the world be excited as well?

tomHave you ever met a person that is just super passionate about what they are doing, a person who is living their dream every day just mastering their thing and making a living by doing it – meet Chef Tom in EP6 of the 3Q Podcast!

Here are the three questions I asked him

  1. Would you take a one way ticket to move to planet Mars? What would you bring?
  2. What’s the thing you are most embarrassed about?
  3. Outside of cooking, what are you super passionate about and think the world should care about?


anaIt’s Friday!! And that fact wasn’t awesome enough, we also have a new Episode online joined by Ana and her fearless pup Pepper. Tune in and find out more about the value of traveling, working hard and being in the moment. After recording this, I feel like just booking a bunch of plane tickets to South Korea and travel the country side for a few weeks! Happy Weekend!

shashankWow, it’s been a week already since this project exists and I am super excited about the initial feedback I got, as well as seeing the download and subscriber numbers grow.

Today’s show is with Shashank Kaushal and we spoke about growing up in India, The Army, being selectively forgetful, sports, photography and much more. This show is the longest so far with a little more than 1h – Enjoy!

On my way back to the parking garage from the office today, I ran into a bunch of homeless people. The first one who interested me the most was not really interested in chatting with me, but his friend quickly said “I’ll do it, I am happy to be interviewed” so we sat on the sidewalk for half an hour and chatted about the most random stuff you can imagine. Enjoy!

Don’t mind the wind noise please, I have ordered some equipment and hopefully have better sound quality soon.

brentEpisode 2 of the 3Q talk podcast!

Today with Brent Johnson who shares some really interesting insights about growing up in the bad part of town, the value of family and education and also some life lessons about believing in yourself and making the best out of a situation.