Another Podcast, seriously?

Yes! And I’ll tell you the reason why. There are a ton of good, very specific podcasts out there about finance, science, gaming, life hacks etc. I am a big fan of many of those amazing shows! There are also a bunch of highly- and beautifully produced shows out there like This American Life, Startup, Serial etc. – professional radio level stuff!

What’s missing IMO is an authentic format focussing on ‘everyday people’ and their stories and passions. I am convinced that everybody has an interesting story to tell and this is going to be the platform to test my hypothesis.


About the host

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 11.21.30 PMAs you can probably tell by the accent, Benjamin Hyneck is a German by birth and never really managed to shake that bit. He’s been living in Singapore and Australia for a few year and recently moved to the Mid West of the US. Working at a large marketing/ tech company, geek at heart and really interested in people and peoples stories.

Have an interesting story to tell and would like to be on the show!

Send us an email at mail@3qtalk.com

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