How To?

3q-logoAight, so you may have listened to your first Episode on the website and hopefully want more!

That’s where Podcasts really shine, instead of coming back to this website all the time to check whether there is a new Episode you can have your Computer or Phone do that automatically.

An added benefit is, since the shows are pretty long, if you use an app you can easily stop at any point e.g. after your morning commute concludes and continue where you left during your way home in the evening. Just like back in the day when we had tapes. Remember those?

I often download a bunch of podcasts to my phone before long plane trips – once they are on the phone you don’t need a data connection.


Mac/ PC: For simplicity sake, I recommend you download iTunes from the Apple website (Free). Once that’s downloaded and installed, click on Podcasts and search for “3Q” or “3Q Talk”. There may be a few results, just look for the iconic Blue/ Black/ White Logo.


Android: There are a couple of options, I prefer a paid app called Pocket Casts ($3.99) for its simplicity and pretty user interface. But if you want to try out something free first, Podcast Addict (Free) will do the job. Their app is advertising supported.

Once you download your app of choice from the Google Play store search for “3Q” or “3Q Talk” and you should see the iconic logo. Hit subscribe and you’ll always get the latest episode downloaded to your phone.


iOS: Apple’s own Podcasting app (Free) get’s the job done. No bells and whistles but does what it’s supposed to. There’s also Pocket Casts ($3.99) and Downcast ($2.99) which are graphically more appealing and have some added features.

Once you have downloaded the app from the Apple App Store, search for “3Q” or “3Q Talk” and subscribe once you see the iconic Blue/ Black/ White Logo.


Windows Phone/ Nokia/ Blackberry/ Amazon Firephone etc: Buy a proper Phone! Joke aside, I am not familiar with those platforms, but I guess if you ask uncle Google you’ll find apps as well.


Happy listening and stay curious!



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