EP4 – Shashank Kaushal on India, the Army, Sports and Photography

shashankWow, it’s been a week already since this project exists and I am super excited about the initial feedback I got, as well as seeing the download and subscriber numbers grow.

Today’s show is with Shashank Kaushal and we spoke about growing up in India, The Army, being selectively forgetful, sports, photography and much more. This show is the longest so far with a little more than 1h – Enjoy!


  1. Ben, you are natural at this! Like the way you pick up on the critical points in your subject’s answers and segue into what aspect your listeners would be interested in knowing more about. Keep this going!

    1. Glad you like it! Thanks for the encouraging words. It’s honestly just me being very curious about what’s going on in peoples heads.
      When are you joining me on the show?

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